My name is Jack and I am a physician with over ten years of experience in the undergraduate and postgraduate medical sector.

I am currently a Clinical Product Manager, AI Prompt Engineer and freelance consultant in the education technology industry in Germany.

I have a passion for augmenting digital ventures with my clinical acumen to help improve access to high quality healthcare worldwide. Currently I am helping to drive projects in digital medical education alongside a distributed clinical team in collaboration with Maastricht University. This is a highly integral, proactive and disruptive role which I excel in due to my broad skillset:

🖥️ product development – helping to develop digital medical education services;
🌳 project management – assisting in the co-ordination of an international team of clinicians;
🤖 artificial intellligence – delivering AI prompt engineering for bespoke needs;
🎯 strategy – utilising my expertise as a licensed physician to provide specialist solutions;
compliance – liaising with regulatory bodies across Europe to ensure strict adherence, and;
🗣️ communication – employing my first-class humanities degree to build bridges between health and tech.

I have a strong clinical background and am a certified advanced life support provider with experience in acute medicine, trauma and orthopaedic surgery, geriatric medicine and emergency medicine, working for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. I provided frontline treatment for patients suffering from COVID-19 pneumonia, for which my organisation was awarded the George Cross, the highest civilian honour for gallantry of the British government. I also take pride in my academic contributions to medicine, having published original medical education research in the Journal of Anatomy, designing and launching a MOOC (massive open online course) aimed at undergraduate medical students which reached 20,000 users, and having delivered presentations for the North of England Surgical Society and the Association for the Study of Medical Education.

I hold a MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Newcastle Medical School (established 1834), as well as a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Creative Writing and English literature. In my spare time I enjoy long walks in nature and writing, having had poetry published by the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory in the USA.

📖 More on the academics

I have had involvement with audit, research and teaching, including:

  • undertaking a service evaluation of rectal cancer management within a single NHS Trust,
  • designing a study to identify creative writing as an anatomy teaching supplement (delivered as an oral presentation at the 2016 Spring Trainees in the Association of Medical Education (TASME) conference at Imperial) and later in the Journal of Anatomy, and,
  • acting as a cadaveric anatomy instructor to accelerated MBBS undergraduates at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

For a full list of qualifications and other details, please take a look at my LinkedIn page.


If you would like to get in touch, feel free to use the form below or to Tweet me. I would be delighted to hear from you.

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